5 Baby Superfoods With Benefits That May Surprise You

5 Baby Superfoods With Benefits That May Surprise You

We've all probably read a superfood list at some point in our lives, and we feel like we've seen it all, it's usually the same group of foods time and time again. As a parent however, I wonder which of the wide variety of superfoods have special benefits for my baby, rather than myself. There are indeed other superfoods that provide benefits to help babies grow and develop healthily, during a child's most impressionable time to be fed called the flavor window.

These early stages of a child's life during the flavor window are perfect timing to fit a variety of nutrients into his or her diet to develop strongly. Some nutritious baby-superfoods include:

1. Liver


Wait, don't go! I mean it. Liver (in sparing amounts) is a superfood that is rich in vitamin-A, as well as zinc, iron, protein... the list goes on! These are nutrients that many baby foods and sugary squeeze pouches lack.
Organic calf liver is the best to introduce to babies for its softness, so avoid conventionally-fed livers if possible. A few minutes of cooking on either side is all you should need to get the right flavor!

2. Egg Yolks


Everything about the egg has health benefits, but the yolks are where they truly shine. Egg yolk has choline, which is crucial for brain and health development in babies.

3. Butternut Squash


Babies are born with a palette for sweet tastes, so feeding butternut squash to your little one will be easy :)! High in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, butternut squash also contains antioxidant beta-carotene, vitamin C, and potassium.

4. Peas


Already a popular baby food to begin with, the pea is packed with vitamin K, which works with calcium to develop healthy bones!

5. Coconut


Babies require lots of healthy fats to grow and develop instead of fruity sugars. The coconut is a sweet way to achieve these fats with fatty acids similar to those found in breast milk, improving digestion, blood sugar balance, and immunity.

Getting the Goods Where They Need to Be

Not all of these foods on their own will appeal to babies. If your little one doesn't like a particular food right off the bat, try adding a little more of it each time you feed them a sweet puree, so they can become more accustomed to the flavor AND get the nutrients they need.

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