How to Survive Starting Solids

How to Survive Starting Solids

How to Survive Starting Solids

We dreaded starting solids around our house. Breast feeding was so simple- no prep, no clean up.

Once we did start, there was the pickiness, the mess, the list goes on!

Here's a little round-up of simple tips to make starting solids a little smoother.


Some of the toughest feeding challenges and how to get through them.

1.) Making baby food is so time consuming, and they hardly eat any of it!

Two solutions here:


2.) My baby spits out almost everything I give him!

Again, a couple solutions:

  • It can take 10-15 exposures for a child to accept a food, so start with super small portions to avoid waste, but . . .
  • Don’t expect your baby to start eating full meals of solid food right off the bat, just work on getting in some reps.
  • Another helpful tip: mix new foods with breast milk or foods your baby already accepts. If he likes bananas, but isn’t convinced about avocado, mix the two together first, adding a little more avocado each time after.


3.) My child is getting pickier everyday!

And some final solutions:

  • Keep your child healthy by hiding those healthy ingredients in their favorite purees, soups and smoothies.
  • Give them food inside a container that they can use with self sufficiency. Squeeze pouches allow kids to feed themselves.


We also made a refillable version to save money and make healthier combinations that aren't so fruity and sweet.

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