Plastic Mason Jar Storage Lids, Single-Piece

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We have streamlined storing breastmilk and baby food with our one piece, easy to use, storage lid. Each lid comes with a removable silicone inner seal which helps to form an airtight closure. 

The lids are compatible with all regular mouth mason jars as well as compatible the rest of the mason bottle line


  • 4 single piece plastic lids (one of each color: Paprika, Mango, Aqua and Deep Ocean)
  • 4 silicone inner seals 
  • *Jars are not included and are only shown in images for visual purposes*


  • Single piece design alleviates the need to find a ring and matching lid to help cut down on clutter. 
  • Silicone seal is removable for easy cleaning
  • Use the silicone seal for storing milk & baby food to prevent leaks, spills and freezer burn
  • Use the lids for on-the-go snack cups or even for craft storage at home