Mason Bottle Silicone Squeeze Pouch


  • Product Description


      • Silicone sippy straw (bite-proof!)
      • Removable internal silicone straw
      • 8 oz. silicone squeezable pouch
      • Plastic ring + cap*

      *indicates mason jar compatible parts


      • Lightweight and durable silicone allows for the tiniest hands to comfortably hold.
      • Silicone sippy straw features unique "X" cut to allow flow control and to help prevent leaks and spills
      • Wide opening makes filling with your favorite purees easy. No zippers or collapsing during filling. 
      • Shoulder-less design means no hard to clean places, no need for bottle brushes and no places for mold to hide
      • Translucent color allows contents to be viewed from the outside; volume markings are located on the inside. 
      • Silicone is naturally free of BPA, BPS, lead, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals.
      • Can also be filled with your toddlers favorite drink. 


      •   Made in the USA