About us


Mason Bottle products are 100% Made in the USA to ensure the highest standards of purity and safety.

No plastic components ever come into contact with the contents of our bottles and tumblers, eliminating the possibility for exposure to BPA, BPS and other chemicals found in plastic.


The mason bottle allows you to store, heat and serve milk all in the same container. The jars are also perfect for baby food storage.

Our plastic rings, silicone disks, and silicone sleeves and straw tops can grow with your family for years to come

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The wide shape of our nipple and our FussFreeTM ventilation system draw on the wisdom of mother nature.

The nipple mimics the way the human body works to keep milk flowing smoothly.  No upset tummies here.


The wide design means no bottle brushes or pipe cleaners required. And everything is dishwasher safe too.
When we survey our parents, their #1 favorite thing about Mason Bottle is how easy it is to clean.

Why Creating a Baby Bottle Out of Mason Jars has Made Us Who We Are



As new parents, we wanted to eliminate plastics wherever possible, prioritize sustainable and USA made, and be as minimal as possible-which meant only buying quality products with multiple uses.

We built all these values into Mason Bottle, including a wide natural nipple shape to support the transition from breast to bottle and back.

We launched Mason Bottle on Kickstarter in November 2015. We blew past our funding goal, and are now sold online and in retail stores! Mason Bottle is just the first product by our family-owned company, KINETIKA.

Every product we've launched since Mason Bottle still meets the same criteria that we've been committed to since day 1:

  • made from the healthiest materials available
  • highest quality to withstand years of use
  • multi-purpose and minimalist so you can do more with less
  • easy to clean and convenient to use
  • made in the USA to support fair wages and local business

And we promise to uphold these standards as long as we're in business.


Thank you for all of your support!

- Laura, Seba, Pax, and Milo