Mason Bottle Buzz: The Life Saving Mason Jar Hack for Mommy's Coffee

Mason Bottle Buzz: The Life Saving Mason Jar Hack for Mommy's Coffee

Mason Bottle Buzz: The Life Saving Mason Jar Hack for Mommy's Coffee

Mommy’s morning just got a little perkier, thanks to a mason jar and silicone sleeve! Here’s how you can use Mason Bottle for an easy and much deserved cup of coffee.


Ugh. Mornings. Between the dark circles, the third “tap” of the snooze button, and the bed head, mornings aren’t always pretty and almost never easy.


For all of the mommies out there, your mornings may look a little something like this:

  • A sleepy, good morning hug (the best)
  • Choosing the perfect, brightly colored kid’s TV show (the one with the oh-so catchy song you like)
  • Getting out of the jammies and into something a little more “instagramable” (#ootd)
  • And, of course, breakfast (the most important meal of the day)


With a full day ahead of you and a little one to love on, it’s completely natural to need a little more energy than you can muster. Enter coffee.


While you may not have time to lounge at the neighborhood coffee bar, a home brewed cup of joe in a mason jar is a simple way to get the morning buzz you crave.


Here are a few of my favorite perks:


  • It’s easy: If you’re already using Mason Bottle for baby, you know how much time and headache the easy-clean glass and slide on sleeves can shave off of your morning routine.
  • It’s portable: Unlike your “World’s #1 Mom” mug, brewing your coffee into a mason jar is perfect for a morning on the go and fits in any standard cup holder.
  • It’s smart: The re-washable jars and no-melt silicone sleeves also make for a brew that’s earth and wallet friendly, reducing waste and saving you from those steep coffee prices.


So, while your child starts their morning with Mason Bottle, be it full of milk, Cheerios, baby food, or juice, you can too. With all the mommy-and-me adventures ahead, you deserve a little boost.


For a morning treat, try this “Mama Mocha” that Marie Claire says challenges any Starbucks drink.


If you are a “mommy-to-be”, you may have heard that caffeine should be limited. Never fear! A Mason Bottle full of some of these coffee alternatives recommended by Today’s Parent could also help you perk up.



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