"Just Right": Why Your Picky Eater Should Try Mason Bottle

"Just Right": Why Your Picky Eater Should Try Mason Bottle

"Just Right": Why Your Picky Eater Should Try Mason Bottle

When I hear the term “picky eater”, I think of my younger brother whose dietary mantra was “nothing that grows” until the age of 11. As sustainable as a diet of crust-less PB sandwiches and Yoo-hoo is, it sure made my mom miss the good-ole baby days of simple feeding from a bottle.

So this means newborns and babies are easy, right? The “picky eater” gene doesn’t develop until they are well into their toddling days, right? 

Wrong. The truth is that babies can be just as choosy when it comes to bottle feeding. Rats. 

Just as your infant is special, unique and one of a kind, so are their bottle preferences.

Honestly, all of the searching for the perfect bottle and nipple combo can leave you feeling like Goldie Locks on the hunt for the perfect the ideal bowl of porridge.

The secret to any amount of change is a smooth and natural transition. When introducing a bottle, you and baby both will be more comfortable if the nipple is familiar and more breast-like.

Looking for nipples with a wider base and soft feel will give a more natural shape that could help your baby take to the bottle. When designing Mason Bottle, the wide mouth of the mason jar naturally lent itself to a wider nipple….score!

Mason Bottle nipples also come in several flow sizes so as baby grows and their feeding taste changes, so can their bottle and nipple.

While we’ve done everything we can to make the best bottles and the happiest babies, we know that even Mason Bottle may not be your picky eater’s bottle of choice. That’s ok.

But while some bottles may be too fast, others too hard, and others too who-knows-what…ours could be “just right.”

Give us a try! Order your Mason Bottle products now and see if we’re your baby’s choice (before the family of bears comes home).




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