How to Pump Directly Into Mason Jars

Posted on April 15 2019

How to Pump Directly Into Mason Jars


How to Pump Directly Into Mason Jars

At Mason Bottle we are constantly working to find ways to make life simpler and safer for your family.

In fact, what Mason Bottle families tell us they love most about using mason jars is that you are able to store, heat, and feed breast milk all from the same jar! In other words, you are saving a whole lot of time, money, breast milk, and energy.

On top of making your life easier, you are promoting a healthy economy, environment, and most importantly a healthy life for your little one.

“Wow, Mason Bottle makes healthy affordable and easy, but can you pump directly into a Mason Bottle?” you can!

While, transferring from pumping bottle to mason jar still beat the heck out of plastic storage baggies, being able to pump directly into the mason jar is ideal.

Now, with the Maymom adapter from Spectra, that dream is a reality. The Maymom adapter from Spectra lets you pump directly into a mason jar. Say goodbye to the tedious days of transferring milk from pumping bottle to mason jar!

All the S1 and S2 models use the same size parts, so any pump spectra makes is compatible with the Maymom adapter.

Information on Assembling the Adapter:

1. Set the Maymom pump adapter onto the regular mouth mason jar

2. Twist on the metal ring

3. After twisting the metal ring over the Maymom pump adapter, connect the adapter to the flange


Check out the adapter on Spectra’s Amazon product listing!



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