6 Best Bottle Warmers that Fit Mason Jars

6 Best Bottle Warmers that Fit Mason Jars

When it comes to parenting, everything seems to be a research until you find what you think is the best fit for your family, and then once you find something you love, then the hunt is on to find compatible pieces and parts to make things even more convenient. It turns into a circle of round and round google searches that can cause frustration - which is the last thing you need when you’re a sleep deprived parent. 

We have already simplified the bottle, so now let’s help out with simplifying your search for the best bottle warmer. 


Do You Need a Bottle Warmer? 

The short answer is no. The tried and true method of warming bottles dates back to long before bottle warmers were even invented. A simple bowl of warm water is effective enough in warming bottles, that it is actually the preferred method of most parents. 

If you’re formula feeding, bottles are typically made on demand. This means you’ll more than likely be mixing the bottles with the correct temperature water and lessen your chances of needing to warm a bottle. 

So while, no, you don't NEED a bottle warmer - it is a definite "nice to have" and can make those late night feedings that much easier. 

6 Best Bottle Warmers That Fit Mason Jars

  1. Avent Express Bottle Warmer
  2. Kiinde Kozi Bottle Warmer
  3. Munchkin Speed Bottle Warmer
  4. The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer
  5. Cuisinart BW-10 Bottle Warmer
  6. Boon Orb Bottle Warmer 

#1. Avent Express Bottle Warmer - $40

The Avent Express is advertised to heat quickly and evenly, which is exactly what it does. It is small and compact and has the ability to grow with the baby as it has the capability to warm jars of baby food as well. There is also a defrost setting for breastmilk (or baby food). However, there is no timer, no audible alert when the bottle has reached the proper temperature and it doesn’t have an automatic shut off. 

Kiinde Kozi Bottle Warmer - $60

While the Kozi comes in at the upper price point in the compatible warmers, it offers a unique heating method that helps to preserve the nutrients and antibodies in breastmilk. Their SAFEHeat technology allows for you to heat bottles and also defrost milk straight from the freezer as it uses warm water circulating around the bottle. While the water bath method it utilizes tends to be a little slower than those with steam heating - it is far more consistent without the risk of hotspots. 


#3. Munchkin Speed Bottle Warmer - $19

This is the most affordable warmer on the list, and it has some unique qualities not seen in the others. One of these is a removable basket that allows for you to safely remove smaller jars. It also has an audible beep and auto shut-off feature  This warmer uses the steam method to heat and this can cause some trial and error when it comes to getting the bottle the right temperature. 


The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer - $32

Sitting right in the middle price wise, this bottle warmer adds in an option to be used as a sterilizer too which falls in line with the “multifunctional” mission we convey. It includes a basket for bottle removal as well as a measuring cup to accurately measure the water. The First Years warmer has an auto-shut off feature and a defrost setting for quick and easy defrosting of breastmilk. 



Cuisinart BW-10 Bottle Warmer - $32

Nightlight? Yes please! The Cuisinart warmer has an integrated night light to help with those late night feedings. It also includes a basket and a measuring cup, too! It is on the smaller more compact size in relation to others but just as the Avent warmer, there is not alert when heating is complete. The BW-10 will however, shut off when it is out of water. For the price point, you could spend the same and get one with a few more features. 

#6. Boon Orb Bottle Warmer - $32

The modern and sleek design of the Orb makes it the most aesthetically pleasing on the list. It has an auto-shut off function and a visual indicator when the bottle is done warming. The Orb also has graduated markings on the water reservoir to allow for easy measurement. This is again, a steam style warmer featuring a removable basket to keep your hands away from the hot steam. 


Things to Consider When Deciding on a Bottle Warmer

When and Where Will You Be Using the Warmer? 

If you are looking for something just for quick night time feedings, a compact warmer with a non-audible alert (and even a nightlight!) may be the best option. If you are going to be using it more consistently throughout the day, you may opt to get one with an audible alert and a larger reservoir to reduce the fill times. 

How Quickly and Accurately Does it Warm Milk? 

The last thing you want to do when you have a hungry baby is wait 15 minutes for a bottle to be warm enough to feed. Look into a model that warms quickly, yet preserves the nutrients and antibodies - such as the Kiinde Kozi. 

What is the Difference Between Water Bath and Steam? 

The water bath method is more accurate and consistent with warming while the steam method tends to be quicker but can cause inconsistencies. Both the Boon Orb and the Munchkin use steam methods, while the Kiinde Kozi and Avent Express use a water bath method. 


At the end of the day, you need to choose what works best for you and your family. Whether it be size, type, added accessories or price, there are options on the market and if you still can’t decide - just go old fashioned (and fool proof) with a bowl of luke warm water. 



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