Storing Milk in Mason Jars - You Won't Spill a Drop of Milk or Waste a Minute of Your Time

In a nutshell, using mason jars to store breast milk means one less thing to buy, one less thing to spill, and one less thing to throw away. 
Eliminating all that waste feels pretty good.
Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Store Breast Milk in Mason Jars:
1. You'll Have Less to Wash
With Mason Bottle, your storage jar will become the bottle itself. This will simplify not just clean up, but your whole pumping and feeding routine.
2. You'll Save Money.
Breast milk storage bags can only be used once, but mason jars can be used over and over again for breast milk storage, and later for baby food a tons of other things.
mason jar breast milk storage containers
3. You'll Save Space
Mason jars are stackable, so you'll be able to maximize storage space. (Breast milk storage bags aren't supposed to stacked, as this can lead to leaking.)
4. You Won't Waste A Drop of Milk
It's easy to spill breast milk when transferring it from a storage container to a bottle. But if you just add a  Mason Bottle Nipple to the jar, your storage container BECOMES a bottle.
mason bottle silicone nipple mason jar glass baby bottle bpa free wide breast like shape
5. You Won't Have to Worry About Chemical Leaching from Plastic
You'll be using glass mason jars for both storage and feeding, so you won't need to worry about chemical leaching during heating. Bonus: You won't be throwing away single-use plastic milk storage bags, either.

  What You'll Need:

1. Regular-mouth mason jars in 4 oz. and/or 8oz. sizes

2. Mason Bottle DIY Kit(s), so you can turn your jars into baby bottles

(Tip of the Day: DIY Kits are $3.00 off with code "NoMoreWasteDIY")

It's also very important to note that mason jars aren't just for storing breast milk either!
Some families like to mix all their baby's formula for the day in the morning and have the bottles ready to go in the fridge. They can shake the formula up in the mason jar, and then all they have to do is remove the lid and replace it with the nipple.
Some moms also make homemade formula and using mason jars allows them to preserve all that hard work in perfect serving sizes.


  • CArol OLsen

    Is there any danger to baby if she received milk from a mason jar where we noticed rust was starting? We shake the milk in jar because of separation so milk may have come in contact with rust area.

  • Erina

    Do you need to sanitize the Mason jars before storing and freezing breast milk in them?

  • Courtney

    Can you pump directly into the jars?

  • Jordyn

    Can you pump directly into these jars?

  • Layne

    Can you pump into the mason jars as well? That way you pump, store and feed from the same bottle and cut down on washing other bottles to pump in to?

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