The Key Ingredient for Smarter Kids and Fewer Meltdowns!

The Key Ingredient for Smarter Kids and Fewer Meltdowns!

The Key Ingredient for Smarter Kids and Fewer Meltdowns!

Want to raise a smarter child? Healthy fats are essential for brain development.

Want your child to have fewer meltdowns? Welp, healthy fat is critical for maintaining energy levels and avoiding crashes, too. 

Adding more fat to your child's diet may seem crazy, given the fat-o-phobic culture that we live in. But here are even more reasons why it's so necessary: 

why to add healthy fats into your baby and toddlers diet

 50% of your 0-2 year old's calories should come from fat!  Yes, HALF!

Hard to believe? Trust us- doctors,  US News and World Report , regional newspapers, food bloggers, and non-profit health organizations all agree on this one. 

Fortunately incorporating healthy fats into your little one's diet is very, very easy. Here's how to do it:  how to incorporate healthy fats for baby and toddler using a reusable food pouch

The key here is to leverage your leftovers so you don't spend your time making special foods just for baby!

We saved so much time by just blending leftovers with healthy fat, and then serving them in our re-fillable food pouch. 

A good food pouch was so critical for adding healthy fats, that we designed our own. It needed to have a wide-mouth to make it easy to fill and easy to clean.  

We dubbed it The Toddler Tumbler, and it's all-silicone design also makes it completely BPA-Free. 

storing healthy baby food in mason jars and the toddler tumbler refillable food pouch

 The beauty of storing extra portions in mason jars, is that they can be popped right into the Toddler Tumbler's wide opening. 

Another perk is that the Toddler Tumbler can also be used as a sippy-straw cup, and even as a snack cup. Watch the Kickstarter video here to see everything the Toddler Tumbler can do.

toddler tumbler refillable food pouch all silicone design sippy cup snack cup squeeze pouch  
By pre-ordering the Toddler Tumbler, you'll get 30% off, and you'll help Mason Bottle stay USA-Made and Female-Owned! 

start incorporated healthy fats into baby's diet from 6 months to two years

Babies get adequate healthy fat from breast milk or formula in the first few months. As you start introducing solids, start trying these fats one at a time to make sure baby doesn't have any allergies. 


list of healthy fats to add into toddler tumbler purees or finger feeding foods

 In addition to adding healthy fat to purees, soups and smoothies, there are other foods that are high in healthy fats that require no prep at all!

This list shows all the other foods that are high in healthy fat that can simply be mashed and served by the spoonful, or diced up for baby to self-feed.

Watch our Healthy Fats How-To Video:


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