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First Year Feeding Subscription

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Simplify Your Baby's Feeding Journey

The First Year Feeding subscription box takes the need to order the next stage of your child's feeding essentials off your hands and puts it into ours. 

  • Research based and curated to support breastfeeding and optimal health during baby's first year 
  • Ships every 60 days, automatically. 
  • Each box is 20% off retail and will always ship free! This is the highest discount we ever offer. 
  • This product is excluded from any discount offers including welcome offers, sale discounts and other promotions. 


Box Contents: 

0-2M Box: Everything You Need to Be Prepared for Baby's Arrival

  • Set of jars for milk storage
  • 2 bottles with slow flow nipples to try with baby
  • 4 oz sleeve for extra grip and protection

Most babies take to the Mason Bottle easily, but no nipple is universal, so we've designed this box to allow you and baby to make sure you love the bottle before getting more.

If for some reason you and baby don't take to the bottles, the jars will still be useful throughout the first year and beyond. Canceling is easy and returning for a refund is also an option!

3-4M Box: Everything You Need to Move Up in Nipple Flow

  • Set of jars for milk storage (baby food is around the corner too)
  • 2 Medium Flow Nipples with Ring+Cap
  • 8 oz silicone sleeve

The 3-4M box contains everything you need for this stage where baby is likely to be taking more bottles. During this time, mom may go back to work or simply be out of the house more often. So having more jars will allow for storing more milk, and will leave you well stocked for storing baby food once you introduce solids around 4-6 months.

5-6M Box: Everything You Need to Introduce Purees and Solids

  • Silicone baby bottle for added softness and safety
  • Silicone squeeze pouch for experimenting with purees and solids
  • Fast Flow nipples

The 5-6M Box grows with baby as they get stronger and more mobile. Some babies will show interest in solids at this time, but if yours is not, simply put a Mason Bottle nipple onto the pouch and use it as a bottle until later. The silicone bottles are ideal for daycare settings.

7-9M Box: Everything You Need to Transition to a Sippy Cup

  • Straw top stainless steel bottles
  • Features a "sippy mode" for transitioning
  • Flexible Flow Y cut nipples

Many parents will continue to use these flow controlled straw tops on their children's water bottles for several years. They're designed to be bite proof and to leave nowhere for mold to hide, so they can easily last this long with proper care. There is a tilt-up "sippy mode" to ease the transitions from nipples to straws. *The nipples fit these stainless steel bottles also.


Research-Based Products and Best Practices: Each box contains research-based instructions on when and how to begin the next phase of baby's feeding journey.

We designed Mason Bottle's First Year Feeding Subscription with the goal to reduce the burden of research and the worry for parents, freeing up more time for baby (and maybe even sleep).

So we dug deep into CDC, WHO, and AAP guidelines to curate our First Year Feeding Subscription Boxes in a way that supports breastfeeding and optimal health during baby's first year. 

Mason Bottle's First Year Feeding Subscription will ensure you get the healthiest products possible at just the right time for baby's next stage of development, and that you know exactly when and how to introduce them. 

Sequencing The Healthiest MaterialsWe make our products from the safest materials available.

Everything is designed to make sure no plastic comes into contact with baby's milk, food, or water.

While glass bottles are ideal in the early days, later boxes feature silicone and stainless steel bottle options to ensure safe and sustainable feeding as baby grows.

Minimal and Flexible: Minimalism is one of our core values, so each subscription box contains the basic quantities for each stage- no more, no less.

Should you need more, subscribers receive lifetime free shipping for any additional items they require.

The first box is designed for purchase during pregnancy so you will have bottles on hand for baby's arrive and can confirm they're a good fit. If not, canceling is a few taps away. Depending on when baby is born, speeding up or delaying shipments is just as simple.

From bottles, to baby food, to sippies and straw cups, we'll set you up for success at every stage.

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Danielle M.
United States

Love it

Loving our mason bottles. What I love most is that it’s very easy to clean. And my preemie baby latches well to the nipple.

Asia T.
United States United States

Love this product and subscription, great customer service too!

I purchased the first year subscription to mason bottle because we don’t have a lot of mason jars laying around to use for storing and feeding breast milk. The amount of jars is perfect to get started with and I like the idea that I will get more with the next subscription box to build with. I did purchase a couple extra nipples and rings/lids to supplement my initial collection separately and I don’t regret it so I always have some ready on hand without having to wash each time. When I received the box I had a couple of jars that were chipped, and I reported to customer service and they promptly sent replacements to me with minimal Work on my end (I just sent them some pictures to show the damage). My only minor complaint is that the silicone ring inside of the lids sometimes pops out of the lid when not in use but when attached to the jar it does keep it secure and leak proof. Looking forward to my next box in a couple of months!

Rachel V.

Really there's not too much that I would change, I do feel like the smaller jars should be 3 oz as my newborn only took 2 oz for the first couple of weeks and now we have several 2 oz jars that we will probably not use until he starts eating solid foods which could be months away. Other than that there's nothing that I would really change!

Selena C.

I love these products however if you got three nipples instead of just two that would be awesome! Easier to get through the daycare day.

Denise L.

I love the variety and the start up subscription is perfect as baby grows. Thank you so much