8 oz Glass Regular-mouth Mason Jars (12 Pack)

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12 pack of 8 oz regular mouth mason jars, Arkansas Glass brand.

The 8 oz plain-sided mason jars are being sold on close-out as we phase in our new inventory of Mason Bottle-branded Glass Jars. These smooth-sided glass jars do not include lids, and do not have measurement markings imprinted on the sides. But the 8 oz silicone sleeve can be used at feeding time for volume measurements.

Compatible with all Mason Bottle products. Pair with the Mason Bottle 8 oz DIY Kit, 2 Pack Straw tops, and more! These can be used in water bath, canning or preserves, but are not recommended for pressure canning.*


• 12- 8oz regular mouth glass mason jars


  Made in the USA

NOTE: Due to the discounted price on this close-out item, this is a final sale and our regular return policy DOES NOT APPLY.