The Toddler Tumbler Has Parents Like...

Mason Bottle's ridiculously versatile Toddler Tumbler is making waves on Kickstarter right now. And for good reason. The genius 4-in-1 design makes The Toddler Tumbler: 

  • a sippy cup
  • a straw cup
  • a reusable food pouch
  • a snack cup
  • indestructible, yet plastic-free
  • 100% Made in the USA

Because one Toddler Tumbler can do the job of four, it's a win for simplifying and for savings!  Here's the breakdown:

The design includes a spill-proof silicone sippy straw, and the first-ever silicone mason jar, making the cup plastic-free yet also virtually indestructible. 




The Toddler Tumbler can be used in 4 different ways, helping parents to save a ton: 


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