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Mason Bottle Benefits

Easy to latch natural shape

Our glass baby bottles have a natural breast-like nippple shape that's easy for baby to latch onto.

Healthy materials

Because no plastic comes into contact with baby, Mason Bottle is naturally free of BPA, BPS, and phthalates.

Worried about glass breaking?

We also make a silicone bottle (that's still mason jar compatible), so you can still avoid plastic, but also feel comfortable using Mason Bottle with older babies and on the go.

No spilt milk. No waste.

Mason Bottle makes pumping and bottle feeding easy as can be. Milk can be stored and then warmed in jars, meaning no single-use breastmilk storage bags, and no split milk going from bag to bottle.

Leak-proof and anti-colic

Just because our bottles are made with mason jars, doesn't mean our design is old fashioned. The high-performing design is both leak-proof and anti-colic with our FussFree (TM) ventilation system built right into the nipple.

Easy to clean

Glass doesn't hold onto milk fats like plastic does so our bottles won't get yellow, cloudy, smelly, etc. No sanitizer system required. Since there are no hard to reach places on the nipples or bottles, bottle brushes aren't needed either. Just a bowl of warm water and a dishwasher.

Reuse for years to come

The jars can be used again and again for breast milk storage, baby food portions, and sleeves can be used for toddler training cups, keep your coffee hot, and more.

DIY Option

The Mason Bottle DIY Kit includes everything you need to create two baby bottles using mason jars you already have at home.

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