Writable Silicone Mason Jar Disks, 6-Pack

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The Mason Bottle Writable Silicone Disks are compatible with any regular-mouth mason jar.

The silicone lids are designed to be used with Mason Bottle products, including our 4oz and 8oz Mason Bottles and the Toddler Tumbler. Use the Mason Bottle Writable Silicone Lids in place of the metal lids that come with a standard mason jar.


  • 6 Writable Silicone Disks


  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Free of Rust
  • Easy to write on and wipe off for easy labeling of milk and/or food storage
  • Food Safe silicone material

Important Note

These lids cannot be used for canning or long-term food storage. They are meant for storing dry goods or foods in the refrigerator or freezer, but not for long-term food preservation. 


  •   Made in the USA