7 Ways to Save on Feeding Supplies

Posted on March 07 2019

7 Ways to Save on Feeding Supplies

7 Ways to Save on Feeding Supplies

Did you know that Mason Bottle is the only baby bottle with a wide breast-like nipple that is made in the USA?

We are a family-owned company, and as parents, we wanted the peace of mind of knowing that the materials our babies came into contact with were as safe as possible, and so we invested in USA made.

Over the course of baby's first year, as you upcycle the bottles and jars, you end up with substantial savings in the long run. Here's how:

baby holding baby bottle breast milk 8 oz mason jar glass with silicone sleeve wide nipple

1. Make Your Own Mason Jar Baby Bottles

Buying lots of glass bottles can cost you. But you can get a dozen jars from the hardware store for about a dollar each. Then just get a set of Mason Bottle Silicone Nipples or some Mason Bottle DIY Kits to make your own affordable glass bottles.


2. Use Mason Jars Instead of Plastic Breast Milk Storage Containers 

One less thing to buy and one less thing to throw away since breast milk storage bags are single use (and prone to leaking, btw…) You won't spill a drop of milk or waste a minute of your time. Learn more about how to simplify your pumping routine with mason jars here.


    3. Use Mason Bottles, Skip the Bottle Brushes

    The wide shoulder-less design of mason jars means there are no hard to reach places that require bottle brushes or pipe cleaners. So cross those two purchases off your list. Here's our guide to making feeding as minimalist as possible.


    4. Skip the Bottle Warmer (milk may be more nutritious without it anyway)

    While bottle warmers are super handy, warm tap water in a bowl is actually the perfect temperature if you want to avoid damaging the nutrients in breast milk. Learn more about safely heating breast milk and preserving nutrients here.


      5. Use Mason Jars and Our Silicone Sleeve for Baby Food Portions

      Freezing or refrigerating baby food in 4 oz. jars make a lot more financial sense than buying specialized glass ware. Add a silicone sleeve before serving, just in case.


        6. When Baby Becomes a Toddler, Make A Mason Bottle Training Cup

        When your little one wants to show you how big they are, just put a sleeve on your jar. As we explain on our blog, 4 oz jars make especially good training cups, as there will be less to spill.

          7. Keep Your Coffee Hot!

          The 8 oz. silicone sleeve also does a lovely job of keeping your coffee or tea warm. Or even an apple cider for bigger kids.


          Try out these 7 ways with our easy DIY Kit


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          • Bonnie : April 25, 2019

            How easy do these break?

          • Laura Belmar: April 09, 2019

            Hey Folks- we will individually respond to your comments via the email you leave in the comment submission form, but just to publicly respond to some of the recent ones in case others have similar questions-

            @Michelle- our products are 100% Made in the USA, which does make them more expensive, but also gives us the peace of mind that not only will they be made of the healthiest possible materials, but also that the people who make them will be happy and healthy too!

            @Jennifer- mason jars are pretty sturdy, especially with the sleeve on, but we also sell a silicone bottle that can be used during a throwing stage (and converted into a sippy/straw cup)

            @TM, no our straw tops are not made in China. All our products are 100% Made in the USA!

          • Jean: April 08, 2019

            All I need is a silicone sleeve for my coffee!

          • Michelle L Faust : April 07, 2019

            These mason jar bottles and accessories look very nice but the price seems outrageous to me. From what I understand you get your own jars and purchase the nipples and silicone sleeves from you. Bottle nipples can’t be that much and a silicone sleeve I know doesn’t cost that much. Your idea is very nice but you just need to make it MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE!

          • Jennifer: March 25, 2019

            My son has a naughty tendency of chucking his bottle. How easily will these break?

          • Ruby S.: March 22, 2019

            Loving this idea, all I need is the silicone sleeve!!

          • TM: February 21, 2019

            I had been interested in buying the mason jar tops with straws. Until I noticed it stated made in China . Was this your product?

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