How to Pump Directly Into Mason Jars

How to Pump Directly Into Mason Jars


How to Pump Directly Into Mason Jars

“Mason Bottle makes feeding healthy, affordable, and easy, but can you pump directly into a Mason Bottle?” The answer... YES

At Mason Bottle, we are constantly working to find ways to make life simpler and safer for your family. In fact, what Mason Bottle families tell us they love most about using mason jars is that you are able to store, heat, and feed breastmilk all from the same jar!

Not only does it simplify the feeding process but still allows you to promote a healthy economy, environment, and most importantly a healthy life for your little one!

You save a lot of time, money, breastmilk, and energy buy simply omitting the need to transfer from pump bottle to jar. While transferring from a plastic pumping bottle to a mason jar still beats the heck out of those single use plastic storage bag, being able to pump directly into the mason jar is what is ideal. 

We searched long and hard for a solution to one of our number one received questions... and now dreams have become reality with the Nanobebe adapter!

The adapter fits all standard pumps to include Spectra, Medela, Lanisoh and Ameda and attaches flawlessly to regular mouth mason jars. 

nanobebe adapter with spectra pump

The Nanobebe adapter is sold with 1 adapter per box so if you double pump, you would need to purchase 2 boxes. They are sold for right under $6 each on both Amazon and their website

nanobebe adaptermedela pump

There is another adapter, the Maymom, however it only fits Spectra S1 and S2 models of pumps. It can be found on Amazon as well and is around $12 for 4.

maymom adaptermaymom adapter

With these options available, you can say goodbye to those pesky bags, tedious transfers and never have to cry over spilled milk again. 



**Blog information is updated and current as of 6/30/2021.


  • Stephanie

    How would this be possible with Medela sonata? This would be amazing, if possible!

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